Chat with my Mum

1946 Sue and mum, Edna Aldridge nee Leake\


“Mum, I remember hearing that when I was born, somebody commented that I had eyes like a Black Eyed Susan. Is that how you chose my name? “

Taking in a deep breath, and with some hesitation in her voice, my mother replied, “Not really, your eyes were more bluish green. I have never spoken to you about your father, have I? When you were little it was easier to let you believe that your father had been killed in the War. It was your Dad who wanted you to be named after his mother, Susannah. “

“I have never felt comfortable to ask you about him. What was he like? What really happened? “

“He was much older than me, I was 27 and he was nearly 40. His hair was dark with a wave in it like yours and you have inherited his eyes. “ Mum stared out into the distance for awhile before continuing, “I was teaching at Mudgee when we met. He worked on a property at Spring Ridge near Gulgong. It was his job to drive the children into school in the farm buggy. “

“In August after I discovered that I was pregnant , we married at the Mudgee registry office.   Your father could not commit to life as a married man and left me. I joined my sister in Sydney, and you were born there. When you were about 5 months old I did take you to visit his mother, Susannah. That is the only time anybody in his family saw you.”

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